The affordable and simple to use Smart Lifter mobility scooter car boot hoists make for easy loading of scooters, wheelchairs, or power-chairs. Free home demo and convenient home installation. Load your mobility vehicle into the back of a car or van with just the touch of a button. This eliminates the need for the user, family members or friends having to struggle with dismantling the device or risking personal injury lifting it into place. Ideal for estates, hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs, and vans.

Magic Mobility Ltd have proven results for sourcing and promoting innovative and cutting edge mobility products. Please call Phil on 07733 438555 to find out more about these amazing hoists or to book your free demonstration.

Within the Smart Lifter range, there are three different levels of hoists that best suit a range of mobility vehicles, from wheelchairs to scooters. Depending on the size and weight of your mobility vehicle, take a look below to find out which Smart-Lifter would suit you best.

LM Range

40kg and 80kg Boot Hoists

If you’re looking for a car hoist for your light folding scooter like the eFOLDi or wheelchair, the Smart Lifter LM range would be perfect for you.

With a maximum lifting weight of either 40kg or 80kg, this lifter is ideal for smaller, lighter mobility devices.

With a fully automated lifting function, operated through the touch of a button, this lifter will eliminate the need to strain yourself picking up your mobility device to stow it in the car.

LC Range

80kg and 100kg Boot Hoists

The Smart Lifter LC range is the medium size out of the three hoists, lifting up to 100kg of weight, with both 80kg and 100kg options.

Due to that weight limit, this hoist is best suited to mini scooters or powered wheelchairs.

This hoist is simple and easy to operate, lifting and loading your wheelchair or mini scooter in 60 seconds, and can easily be transferred to a new vehicle if you change car.

LP Range

125kg, 150kg and 200kg Boot Hoist

Capable of lifting all types of scooters, wheelchairs or powerchairs, the Smart Lifter LP range is perfect for users who possess bigger or heavier devices.

With a range of three lifting capacities, 125kgs, 150kgs and 200kgs this is the world’s highest capacity vehicle hoist.

This lifter operates completely automatically at the touch of a button and will load your scooter or powerchair in 60 seconds, giving you a simple and easy way to get your device into your car.

Why Chose a Boot Hoist?

A boot scooter hoist is the perfect addition to a car or van who’s owner has reduced mobility but still wants to keep their independence when venturing out of the house. These hoists can be fitted in hours, take up minimal space, and can in most cases, be easily swapped from one vehicle to another.

Whats more, they can be operated single-handidly, meaning one can travel alone without the worry or stress of how to lift and stow a scooter safely and without sustaining personal injury.

And, you wont have to change your car simply to accommodate your mobility scooter as the Smart Lifter range of hoists now comprise of over 400 vehicle specific installation kits. Contact us now to see if yours is one of them.

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Your Questions Answered

How do I organise a free home demo? Simply make contact with us and we'll organise this with you
How much is a hoist? We'd like to think much less than you thought but as there are so many options its best to contact us
Are the hoists hard to use? No, simply attach the hoist to your scooter and press a button, it's as simple as that
How long does a hoist take to be fitted? From order, expect a wait of around 7-10 days, fitting is done in a matter of hours at your home
Do these hoists work in a recessed boot? No but they are ideal for estates, hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs, and vans
Royal Recognition

It was a proud day for everyone at Autochair when their founder, David Walker, received an OBE from the Queen in October 2014 in recognition of his services to people with disabilities.

Confined to a wheelchair following an accident in 1975, David invented a way of loading and unloading his wheelchair into his car so that he could enjoy the benefits of independent travel.

His invention led him to start Autochair in 1983 and their ever-growing range of mobility products have helped many thousands of people just like David regain their independence ever since.

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If you prefer an external scooter lift see out TriLift range HERE

Disability does not have to be debilitating


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Wheelchair Lift

The portable wheelchair lift saved our day when we realised we had wheelchair users coming to our presentation event. Phil and his partner organised a lift for us at very short notice. Great service!!

Amy Newbury Promoter London April 14, 2016

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