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Easy power chair transport on back of car
Easy to transport mobility scooter on back of a car

Simple & Easy Mobility Scooter Transportation

What is the best way to transport a mobility scooter? The Trilift UK range of easy to use external car lifts are purpose built for the transportation of light, medium, and large mobility scooters plus power chairs without the need for unwieldy platforms, hoists, ramps or trailers. They are now available in the UK following great repute and success throughout the USA.

These professionally fitted and simple to operate mobility scooter carriers are secured onto standard tow bars without the need for straps, hooks or car fixings of any kind. They are designed for one person use and are electrically operated, making the raising and lowering of your scooter a breeze to manage.

No longer will you asking yourself, what is best car to carry a mobility scooter.  No longer will you need to dismantle your scooter in order to transport it.  No longer will you need assistance to load your scooter into the car. Trilift UK does it all at the touch of a switch giving you complete independence and freedom, and whats more, Trilift UK is compatible with almost any vehicle currently available within the UK, plus it won’t effect the safe and legal operation of your car in any way at all.

So, How Does it Work?

Trilift car mobility scooter transport

Loaded and Un-Loaded

Custom Trilift bracket is fitted to scooter

Your scooter is fitted with a permanent custom triangular lifting bracket. To lift your scooter, simply lower the red matching triangular insert on the Trilift UK by pressing a switch. Next, drive your scooter or power chair to line up with the insert, then raise the lift with the two triangular pieces interlocked and thats it. One person can do it alone with ease. Scooter brackets and Trilift UK are fitted by experts and come with a full three year warranty.

Trilift Video

Key Features

  • No Straps or Hooks to Fit
  • No Heavy Platforms to Lower
  • Easy Single Person Operation
  • Lightweight but Sturdy
  • No Movement or Rattles
  • Lockable and Secure
  • Easy to Park and Manoeuvre
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Very Affordable
  • Fitted by Experts
  • Three Year Warranty

The Trilift UK Range

Lightweight mobility scooter car lift

Lite Lift

For Lightweight Scooters

Medium sized mobility scooter car lift

Classic Lift

For Medium Weight Scooters

Heavy mobility scooter car lift

Heavy Duty Lift

For Heavy Scooters & Powerchairs

Lite Specification

Trilift UK Height 42″ – 55″

Trilift UK Weight 42 – 60lbs (19 – 27.2Kg)

Loading Capacity up to 175lbs (79.4Kg)

Back Space 10″

Cycle Load Time 45 sec

Docking Bracket Size 7″

Docking Bracket Weight 8 – 15lbs (3.6Kg – 6.8Kg)


4 position Tilt Adaptor w/spring load

Coil-Cord Remote

Hitch Pin Lock

Lighted License Place Holder

Soft Cover

Classic Specification

Trilift UK Height 45″ – 60″

Trilift UK Weight 60 – 80lbs (27.2 – 36.3Kg)

Loading Capacity up to 300lbs (136Kg)

Back Space 11″

Cycle Load Time 55 sec

Docking Bracket Size 9.5″

Docking Bracket Weight 12-25lbs (5.4 – 11.3Kg)


4 position Tilt Adaptor w/spring load

Coil-Cord Remote

Hitch Pin Lock

Lighted License Place Holder

Soft Cover

Heavy Duty Specification

Trilift UK Height 50″ – 65″

Trilift UK Weight 65 – 95lbs (29.5 – 43Kg)

Loading Capacity up to 450lbs (204Kg)

Back Space 13″

Cycle Load Time 55 sec

Docking Bracket Size 9.5″

Docking Bracket Weight 20 – 35lbs (9 – 15.9Kg)


4 position Tilt Adaptor w/spring load

Coil-Cord Remote

Hitch Pin Lock

Lighted License Place Holder

Soft Cover

Free Demonstration

To organise a free no obligation demonstration of the amazing Trilift UK mobility scooter car carrier system or to get more information, please use the contact form below or call Phill on 07733 438555.

Magic Mobility are proud to be authorised sales referral agents for Trilift UK in Great Britain and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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The Trilift scooter car transport lift is very strong

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Wheelchair Lift

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