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Mobility scooter breakdown cover from Magic Mobility Ltd
Power chair on breakdown truck


Magic Mobility Ltd are proud to become UK partners with Sagic and Surewise mobility scooter insurance

Mobility scooters are a great help for people who have difficulty maintaining their independence due to mobility limitations. Surewise.com’s mobility scooter insurance helps ensure their independence with comprehensive cover for accidental damage, theft, third party liability, recovery, and personal accident. Three levels of cover are available for all types of mobility scooters. So you can insure lightweight class 2 scooters and heavy duty, all-terrain class 3 vehicles for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Policies start at just £4.40/month or save by paying annually from £44.00 per year.  You can get a quote quickly and easily online and this policy is underwritten by SAGIC, The Salvation Army General Insurance Company, who are wholly owned by The Salvation Army. SAGIC is the only underwriter to give back 100% of its profits to help those in need.

Now available with 24/7 365 days a year breakdown and recovery service.

All our Mobility Scooter Insurance policies include cover for breakdown recovery costs as standard. This means the insured can claim at later date for the costs of a taxi to collect you and your scooter in the event of a breakdown.

Key Benefits

  • Puncture Repair at no extra cost
  • Cover New and Second-hand scooters
  • Costs for transport home, within 10-mile radius of home or repair centre
  • Recovery covers holiday accommodation within a 10-mile radius
  • Recovery assistance available 24/7
  • Key cover upgrade available
  • Personal accident
  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage and Vandalism
  • Fire, storm and flood
  • Theft
  • Third party liability up to £2M
  • Personal effects
  • One policy can cover multiple scooter riders – not just yourself
  • Hire costs for alternative equipment
  • International travel cover
  • Legal expenses up to £100,000

Magic Mobility Ltd has proven results for sourcing and promoting innovative and practical mobility products. Please call Phil on 07733 438555 to find out more about this amazing machine.

The Genny Urban and XR
Mobility scooter breakdown recovery video
Genny is powered by Segway
Your Questions
Is Genny safe? Absolutely yes, all circuits are doubled up for safety backup
Is Genny hard to drive? No, its very instinctive and mastered in minutes
Will I need training? A 10 minute instruction and you will be on your way
How far will Genny go? On a full charge you should see 16km-25km (Around 10-15 miles)
How fast will Genny go? Genny falls within UK legislation of 4-8mph
Is Genny road legal in the UK Yes with lighting kit fitted
How much is Genny go? Please contact us for pricing
Driver Requirements

To ride the Genny you will need a functioning musculature of the torso as it is necessary to lean forward for onward acceleration and to lean back for slowing down or reversing. You will also require minimal strength in your arms as the steering is controlled by pushing the handlebar left or right. Both hands will be needed to transfer from a wheelchair. You should have a normal sense of balance and a body weight of between 45kg and 95kg.

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100,000 successful recoveries
Celebrating 25 years
Ethical Company
Genny L 2.0
Genny mobility device
  • Slim tubeless tyres
  • Powerful lithium batteries
  • Comfortable seating
  • Aircraft industry inspired safety
  • Long range
  • Easy to use
Genny L 2.0 XR Off Road Kit
Genny with XR kit.
  • Off road capable
  • Larger tyres and arches
  • Easy kit fitting
  • Loves mud and sand
  • Safely tackles obstacles
  • Easy to transport
Genny logo
Safety in detail
Genny 2.0 is safe

As with any mobility device, safety is paramount. Genny is equipped with many movement sensors to ensure the driver has complete control, plus as a backup, a redundancy plan from the aeronautics industry is used meaning there is always a duplicate circuit ready to take over in the very unlikely event of an electrical failure. The seat has a presence sensor so Genny will not move unless the seat is occupied and to enhance stability even more, parking feet can be deployed when stopped. Genny has undergone many stringent tests to ensure reliability and safety whilst inspiring driver confidence.

Genny mobility easy to transport

Once the handlebars have been easily removed and the reclining seat is folded down, Genny in standard form occupies a cube the size of just 67cm H x 63cm W x 69cm D. This makes for easy compact transportation in the back of a car to your destination – In XR form Genny is only 20cm wider. Genny can be safely powered into a accessible hatchback or estate car completely un-aided using lightweight ramps and once in place the parking feet will provide a secure platform. You can see example video’s on our galleries page showing just how simple this procedure is.

Disability does not have to be debilitating


Magic Mobility Ltd are a forward thinking company dedicated to making life easier and more pleasurable for people with disabilities. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the latest in mobility technology whilst still offering day to day necessities at competitive prices. Please call us on 0117 915 6186 or for direct engineer contact 07733 438555.

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The portable wheelchair lift saved our day when we realised we had wheelchair users coming to our presentation event. Phil and his partner organised a lift for us at very short notice. Great service!!

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