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Mobility Funding Ideas

Mobility funding ideas

If you are interested in purchasing a mobility device but do not have access to personal funds, there are several forms of help available;

Grant Giving Organisations

There are a huge number of grant-giving organisations within the UK, many of which provide funding to individuals who require specialist mobility equipment.

Please click here to download our list of charities that we understand have previously provided grants. Alternatively, ‘A Guide to Grants for Individuals In Need’ (Directory of Social Change) is a book listing grant giving organisations within the U.K. Your local library should have a copy.

It is often helpful to contact the organisation before sending a grant application to check your eligibility and to ask what information they require. Some organisations request a letter from a health professional to understand how the equipment would benefit you.


For mobility devices, individuals and charities do not pay VAT when purchasing a chair. Please visit the HMRC website for further information.
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