Mobility Funding Ideas

Mobility funding ideas

If you are interested in purchasing a mobility device but do not have access to personal funds, there are several forms of help available;

Grant Giving Organisations

There are a huge number of grant-giving organisations within the UK, many of which provide funding to individuals who require specialist mobility equipment.

Please click here to visit a useful grants information website  Alternatively, ‘A Guide to Grants for Individuals In Need’ (Directory of Social Change) is a book listing grant giving organisations within the U.K. Your local library should have a copy.

It is often helpful to contact the organisation before sending a grant application to check your eligibility and to ask what information they require. Some organisations request a letter from a health professional to understand how the equipment would benefit you.


For mobility devices, individuals and charities do not pay VAT when purchasing a chair. Please visit the HMRC website for further information.
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