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Out of all the straight stairlifts available we have chosen the Brooks straight lift as our preferred product because Brooks Stairlifts have 30 years experience in helping tens of thousands of customers make full use of their homes. Difficulty with stairs should not mean having to leave the house you love. The Brooks straight lift is available in indoor and outdoor options.

Magic Mobility Ltd are proud to be authorised dealers and aim to offer very competitive pricing and unlike some sales only driven organisations, we are engineers so we can offer pre and after-sales service and technical advice second to none. 

Brooks Stairlifts are the trade division of the well known Acorn brand and are built to last with low maintenance and high reliability. The lift runs on maintenance free DC batteries which are automatically recharged at the end of every trip. This also means your Stairlift is whisper quiet and incredibly smooth. Even if there is a power cut the Stairlift glides smoothly to its destination. 

Book your free survey now or use our new cost saving self survey scheme for even more economy. Prices start from just £1250 fitted with 12 months parts and labour warranty, and even cheaper if you use our DIY survey scheme. 


Working Environment Indoors or Outdoors. Wet or dry.
Power Requirements One 240v socket to power charger
Lifting Capacity 20 Stones (127Kg)
Safety Features Safety edges to monitor obstructions and a safety belt
Price To Buy Around £1250. Why not try our DIY survey for more savings


Best rates

We usually have a range of lifts including the Brooks for hire. We have no minimum rental period and all servicing is covered within the monthly cost. Rental lifts are usually installed in a few days by us or our partners.


Book a survey

Let us know if you are interested in buying a Brooks stairlift and we can have a no obligation chat about your requirements. If it looks as if we can help we will organise a free survey and talk you through the whole process.


Pretty quick

We will organise a survey, normally within a few days. Drawings are then generated and the lift is built in the Brooks factory and delivered. The whole process normally takes around 10 days.


Save some money

A DIY survey is simple. If you are good with a tape measure and a smartphone camera, it’s a piece of cake. You email us the information we need and we do the rest. Your lift will be installed in no time and best of all? You have saved time and money.

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