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Magic Mobility Ltd are Brooks stairlift dealers


At Magic Mobility Ltd we believe in keeping things simple. After many years experience in the mobility industry, we only promote products that we have absolute confidence in. Difficulty with stairs should not mean having to leave the house you love so maybe we have a solution for you. Our installation and repair service works around a 1.5 hour radius of Bristol but we have a team of trusted partners for work further afield. We divide our stairlift section into three parts:

Straight Stairlifts: These lifts typically sit on a single track and span a single staircase, these are the most affordable, common and easiest to fit type of stairlift today. Our straight lift is available in indoor and outdoor options.

Out of all the straight stairlifts available we have chosen the Brooks straight lift as our preferred product because Brooks Stairlifts have 30 years experience in helping tens of thousands of customers make full use of their homes. The Brooks straight lift is available in indoor and outdoor options.

Brooks Stairlifts are the trade division of the well known Acorn brand and are built to last with low maintenance and high reliability. The lift runs on maintenance free DC batteries which are automatically recharged at the end of every trip. This also means your Stairlift is whisper quiet and incredibly smooth. Even if there is a power cut the Stairlift glides smoothly to its destination. Price would be around £1250 fitted. There is an optional extended 4 year warranty available too. 

Magic Mobility Ltd are Brooks stairlift dealers

Curved Stairlifts: If your staircase has bends you will need a curved stairlift, and as all houses, even the house next door, is different, your staircase will need to be professionally surveyed to ensure a correct fit. Curved stairlifts are all fundamentally the same in that they all go around corners on your staircase. They only differ in price and their varying ability to tackle very narrow staircases. Specifying a curved stairlift always involves careful measurement, design and manufacturing, plus the lead time and installation process usually takes longer than for a normal straight stairlift.

We specialise in new and reconditioned curved lifts from Platinum and Thyssen Krupp. Platinum make some great value reliable lifts with a typical One x 90 degree staircase fully fitted reconditioned lift covered for around £3500. The amazing Flow 2 from Thyssen Krupp is designed for very narrow staircases but is equally happy anywhere oozing style and finesse. Flow prices start from around £5500 for a One x 90 degree staircase.

Reconditioned Stairlifts: We don’t just mean a wipe down with a damp cloth. All our reconditioned stairlifts go through a thorough check and part replacement program before they are re-sold. We promote the Stannah 260 curved lift based on longevity and reliability in the field.

Magic Mobility Ltd has proven results for sourcing and promoting innovative and cutting edge mobility products. Please call Phil on 07733 438555 to find out more about stairlifts.

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Thyssen Krupp Flow 2 stairlifts from Magic Mobility Ltd
Brooks stairlifts from Magic Mobility Ltd
Magic Mobility Ltd are platinum stairlift dealers
Your Questions Answered
Are stairlifts fitted to the wall? No, all stairlifts are fitted to the staircase
Are stairlifts safe? Yes, plus there are many sensors that look out for obstructions
Will I need training? Training is provided and you will soon be confidently on your way
How long do stairlift batteries last? A good quality pair of batteries should last 3 years
How long do stairlifts last? 10 years in considered old
How much do stairlifts cost? Straight lifts start around £1250 and curved lifts around £3500
Do you buy in stairlifts? Currently we only have need for the Stannah 260 curved lift
Do you rent stairlifts? Occasionally we have excess straight lift stock that we rent
How long do stairlifts take to fit? Straight lifts take around 2 hours, curved lifts half a day
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Magic Mobility Ltd is a forward thinking compassionate company dedicated to making life easier for people with disabilities. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the latest in mobility technology whilst still offering day to day necessities at competitive prices. Telephone 0117 915 6186, or call sales engineer Phil directly on 07733 438555.

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