eFoldi folding scooter - Magic Mobility Ltd UK
eFoldi folding scooter - Magic Mobility Ltd UK

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A Suitcase into a Chair and then into a Scooter in seconds! eFOLDi is simplicity itself to transform. Home demo or buy online. Magic Mobility Ltd are Ambassador Status sales agents for eFOLDi and have proven results for sourcing and promoting innovative and cutting edge mobility products. Please call Phil on 07733 438555 or contact us now to find out more about this amazing award winning machine or to book a Free No Obligation UK Home demonstration.

eFOLDi turns into a chair in seconds
Free no obligation eFoldi demonstration at your home

Free Home Demonstration

eFOLDi as a suitcase. Very easy to transport



Online price: £1,999 with Airsafe 4 mile range Battery  |  £2,199 with FarReach 14 mile range battery. (Prices quoted are with VAT relief already applied. You simply confirm eligibility by stating a health condition or disability at checkout in our eFOLDi shop)

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  • 8mph or 4mph
  • UK road legal
  • 14 mile range
  • Up to 23 stone rider
  • Bright LED lights
  • Removable battery for charging
  • Stable 4-point balance system
  • Horn
  • Indicators with Beep
  • Reverse with beep
  • Twist-grip throttle
  • Lightweight 1.8kg battery
  • Lockable battery
  • Key switch security
  • Choice of seat colours
  • Spring suspension
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • 4″ Kerb clearance
  • Easy and intuitive to ride
  • USB phone charging
  • Next day delivery

Versatility Itself

eFoldi unfolding

Weighing in at just 17Kg, with standard FarReach battery, makes eFOLDi probably the lightest 8mph mobility scooter in the world. Technically the lightweight eFOLDi scooter is equipped with a state of the art brushless motor, AutoForged 6061 aluminium components and an advanced FarReach 24v 24AH Lithium-Ion battery plus a FastC charger giving a 6 hour charging time. (3 hours charging with optional SuperQ charger) This battery will propel the scooter up to 8mph with a range of around 14 miles. The scooter also comes equipped with a USB phone charging port, a horn, turning indicators, reversing beeps and a full lighting system.

Safety wise, eFOLDi was designed with a 4-point balancing system for added stability and a key-switch is supplied for both scooter operation and battery security.

eFoldi gets personal endorsement from Sir Richard Branson

“eFOLDi is a folding magic, fantastic invention! Simply brilliant!” say’s Sir Richard Branson.

Winner of British Invention of the Year  |  Virgin VOOM awarded by Sir Richard Branson  |  Winner of Scottish EDGE and Enterprise

eFOLDI featured on Channel 5
eFOLDi Thiis Featured
eFOLdi scooter was featured on the Gadget Show
eFOLDi is featured in the Great Inventors Project

Take eFOLDi Almost Anywhere

Imagine the personal freedom and independence this lightweight scooter could bring you. Traveling to the local shops, the park or beach with family and friends or just walking the dog on the local common; even coming with you to another part the world!! All without any physical assistance or hardship normally associated with a typical, heavy and unwieldy multi-part bog-standard mobility scooter. This is especially beneficial should you be traveling alone as the extremely lightweight eFOLDi fits conveniently into many forms of transport as just one single and easy to manage unit that weighs less than a fully packed holiday suitcase.

Take eFOLDi in the car
Take eFOLDi on the bus
Take eFOLDi on the coach tour

eFOLDi is Folding Magic!  It Fits Easily into Most Forms of Transport 

Take eFOLDi on the train
Take eFOLDi on the train
Take eFOLDi on the cruise ship

Air travel is a breeze. If you have a disability, airlines will allow the FarReach 24AH 14 mile battery pack onboard, Able-bodied riders can still take eFOLDi onto an aircraft but will be restricted to the optional AirSafe 4AH Lithium-Ion 4 mile battery pack. (Always check with your airline before traveling). Air travel aside, eFOLDi with its super lightweight design and small footprint is easily lifted and fits comfortably into a car boot, most motorhome or caravan storage compartments, into a cruise ship cabin, coach, train or bus, and also into a home or hotel room cupboard for discreet storage.

eFOLDi allows travel in total autonomy whether traveling alone or with others. And whats more, with eFOLDi, you travel in modern and fashionable style without the stigma normally associated with stereotypical and boring mobility scooters seen so often today. But not only that, eFOLDi is designed for absolutely anyone to use, you certainly don’t need to have a health condition or disability to ride eFOLDi. As a PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) it can be used to ease the daily commute or simply for getting from A to B quickly, stylishly and comfortably.

The eFOLDi is a scooter rather than a wheelchair and is supplied fully compliant with UK Invalid Carriage Class 3 regulations meaning it can be legally used on the road and pathways. Class 3 riders will need to register the scooter (At no cost) with the DVLA and it is advisable to obtain third party insurance regardless of where eFOLDi is used.

Watch The eFOLDi Video

Please make sure your speakers are turned on. This promotional video presented by Sumi Wang will take  you on a journey using eFOLDi. Younger or older people are buying eFOLDi because it is so versatile.

eFoldi Logo
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Your Questions Answered FAQ

We have complied a long list of questions and answers taken from customer enquiries. Take a look and you will probably find what you are looking for. If not, just ask …

How heavy is eFOLDi? Very light at just 17kgs / 37lbs (including FarReach battery) The battery can be easily removed to make eFOLDi even lighter
How heavy is the battery? The Airsafe battery weighs 1 . 0Kg and the FarReach Battery weighs 1 . 8Kg
How far will eFOLDi go on a full charge? Around 14 miles on a standard FarReach battery and around 4 miles on an AirSafe battery
What weight of rider will eFOLDi carry? eFOLDi was tested for results carrying 120 kilograms (260 pounds/19 stone) but boasts a maximum rider weight of 150 kilograms (330 pounds/23.6 stone)
What are the dimensions? LxWxH Scooter: 121 x 56 x 83 cm / 48 x 22 x 33 in. | Chair: 66 x 56 x 83 cm / 26 x 22 x 33 in. | Suitcase: 85 x 56 x 37 cm / 34 x 22 x 15 in.
Is eFOLDi road legal? Yes, eFOLDi is supplied conforming fully to class 2 and 3 regulations so can be used on roads or pathways
Can I book a demonstration? Yes we can arrange for a free no obligation demo at your UK mainland home / location of your choice, just contact us to arrange
How fast will eFOLDi go? eFOLDi will swiftly propel you along at up to 8mph. Twice the speed of most smaller scooters! Maximum speed can be limited by you and is fully adjustable to your preferred comfort level and riding conditions
Do I get training? Yes, you will receive personal training on how to ride eFOLDi during a UK demonstration if you choose this option
What type of tyres are fitted to eFOLDi? eFOLDi comes with air filled pneumatic tyres
What is the ground clearance? eFOLDi has a large ground clearance compared to some other scooters at 4.72" / 12cm. This means you can negotiate a kerb of around 4" although we don't think many would be too comfortable doing this
What is the eFOLDi turning circle / Radius 110 cm (43 inches)
What gradient can eFOLDi travel on? Tested with a 23.6 stone load, it easily handles a 1:5 slope (a slope that rises one vertical foot as it travels five horizontal feet)
Can I go offroad? eFOLDi is perfectly happy on grass, unmade roads and rough paths in parks etc
What is the eFOLDI warranty? A full 12-month no-quibble warranty is provided for any design and manufacture defects except for consumable items such as tyres and LED bulbs.
What happens if I have a problem with my eFOLDi? In the very unlikely event your scooter develops a fault, there are two dedicated service centres ready to assist. Your scooter will be collected by courier, repaired quickly and returned to you. If someone is demoing near you, the fault could be fixed same day.
Can I use eFOLDi in the rain? Yes. eFOLDi is equipped with mud guards and is designed to be water-resistant. The battery box is sealed water-tight so it is safe to use in the rain.
Do you supply full training on UK delivery? Yes, this can arranged as an optional extra unless bought online. eFOLDi comes with full easy to follow instructions in this instance
Can I get funding for eFOLDi? Possibly, see our funding page links for ideas
What is eFOLDi price? £1999 (4 mile range) to £2199 (14 mile range) plus free delivery, and free 3 months insurance. Click 'Buy Now' above. (Prices quoted are with VAT relief already applied)
Do you offer finance? This is an online option via PayPal - Use the buy now pay later option on checkout
Can I buy accessories like extra chargers and batteries? Yes you can. Click the buy now button and you will see everything for sale in our eFOLDi shop
Can eFOLDi be shipped to other countries other than within the UK? There is expansion in international reach, so just contact us using the form below and we'll see what we can do

Rider Requirements

eFOLDi has been tested carrying 120 kilograms (260 pounds/19 stone) and it functioned perfectly. Technically, however, it’s designed for a maximum weight of 150 kilograms (330 pounds/23.6 stone)

To operate the eFOLDi you will need use of both hands to fold and unfold the scooter. You should be able to place yourself onto the seat and remain in a seated upright position at all times without assistance when the vehicle is in motion whilst operating the controls fully and as intended. Steer competently and appropriately in all conditions. Maintain appropriate awareness of all relevant circumstances for each journey and take appropriate action as may be required to avoid mishap.

eFoldi Logo
Buy eFOLDI scooter or power chair online now

Special offer for eFOLDi online customersFREE DELIVERY & 3 MONTHS FREE INSURANCE!

The Beginnings

Sumi and Jianmin Wang

eFOLDi was the brainchild of Jianmin Wang. He is an eccentric man and a genius.

In 2012, he broke his leg and instead of complaining to anyone about the lack of suitable personal transport, he sketched up his own design which gave him freedom, pride and most importantly, fun! Like all the best ideas, it wasn’t intended to change the world, instead it was supposed to solve a problem and it did. Simply by designing a practical and lightweight device capable of helping him get around, Jianmin had created one of the greatest breakthroughs in personal travel since the dawn of e-transport – The eFOLDi was born!.

Don’t just assume eFOLDi was drawn up and designed by someone without any conceptual skill or engineering acumen.. Jianmin served 49 years as the Technical Director of the Chinese Acrobatic Circus and was responsible for some of the most astonishing circus equipment and props ever seen. Jianmin Wang’s mind is creative and unique, as is the strong and safe eFoldi!

Joined now by his co-inventor daughter Sumi Wang, the eFOLDi is on course to be a life changer for many people. Contact us now to arrange a free no obligation mainland UK demo.

If you are looking for something a little larger but still lightweight you might want to consider the eFOLDi auto folding power chair.

Note: Easy to make mis-spellings of the eFOLDi scooter are e-foldi e foldy efoldy eefoldy efolde or efoldee.

Don't Forget Insurance

As with any mobility device we always recommend taking out specialist wheelchair insurance. This will protect you in the event of an accident involving other people or their property. Magic Mobility Ltd who are covered by the FCA, have teamed up with a leading supplier who’s policies are underwritten by SAGIC, the Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation. SAGIC is the only underwriter to give back all its profits to help those in need. We can provide the best level of cover stating at just £4.40 per month. Get a quote now..

Specialist wheelchair and scooter insurance from Magic Mobility Ltd
Contact us now to find out more

What are people saying..

“We’re all getting older and the population is about to go through a big demographic shift and I think eFOLDi is really nice!”

The Gadget Show Presenter, Channel 5

“What impressed me the most was how easy it was to fold eFOLDi to a suitcase shape and just drag it wherever you go.”

Presenter, BBC Surrey

Look out for the eFOLDi folding scooter TV advert commercial

Look out for the eFOLDi folding scooter TV advert. The TV commercial might be in your area soon.


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