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Book an Atto scooter demonstration at home or a UK location of your choice. Even on weekends! Please call Phil on 07733 438555 or contact us now to find our more. Magic Mobility Ltd has proven results for sourcing and promoting innovative and cutting edge mobility products including Atto. There is a small charge for a home demonstration to cover travel and fuel costs which is fully refundable on purchase.

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Man pulling an ATTO foldable scooter

Introducing the stylish and fashionable ATTO Freedom folding scooter from pioneering company, Moving Life. ATTO is the result of many years research and development and is probably now the most technologically advanced personal mobility transporter available today – A far cry from the stereotypical, boring and disability focussing mobility scooters used by so many nowadays.

Invented by polio victim Nino Ransenberg, entrepreneur and founder of Moving Life – Nino is a frequent traveller but his day to day mobility limitations were not only becoming frustrating but also a real barrier. He was not willing to compromise with current mobility solutions on the market and wanted to utilise something that would aid rather than hinder him during his busy daily schedule. Nino set to work and the ATTO was born!!

Although ATTO was primarily designed with frequent travellers in mind who might have walking difficulties or energy / breathing problems and the like, ATTO is actually suited to any environment, a ride to the park or coastal footpath with family or pets, or a night out at the restaurant, part of your commute to work, even a romantic stroll with a loved one. But, wherever you go, you will always arrive in style.

ATTO represents a huge leap forward within the myriad of portable folding mobility scooters currently available in that it can be split into two sections for easy storage into overhead compartments or cabin crew locker on the plane (check with your travel agent), ATTO also fits easily in the car, uses ultra light components and removable plane safe Lithium-ion batteries, yet it still has the capacity to transport say a 100kg rider plus 60kg of luggage, thats a total load of 160kg or 25 stone up to 10 – 14 miles subject to weight and terrain.

This is a high-end, high-spec yet affordable scooter that you will be proud to ride, so if you want to be admired and be noticed but feel safe and confident while riding, this is the scooter for you. Contact us now so we can arrange a money back if purchased demonstration.

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5 star reviews
Review Segments Submitted To Our Friendly Associate Demonstrator Mal

“Stunningly Engineered”

My biggest complaint is that I have never been anywhere new without someone insisting on asking me questions, such as to does it really fold up that easy? Is it light? Where can I buy one? Some times it can be quite a task, but it is so stunningly engineered that it is perhaps understandable.  John S

“New Lease of Life”

I Purchased the Atto scooter in June 17 from Mal who’s service was second to none he certainly went the extra mile he delivered the scooter and gave a home demo.

I was restricted on going out and about now I can join my family on country walks, popping into town & ride along the beach etc. It’s given me a new lease of life.  Elizabeth

Instructional Videos With Nino Ransenberg
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Your Questions Answered
How heavy is ATTO? Very light at just 12kg + 16.2kg for each part and 1.82kg for battery
How far will ATTO go on a full charge? Around 10 to 14 miles dependent on terrain
How fast will ATTO go? Around 4mph / 6kph dependent on terrain
How much weight will ATTO carry? A total of 160kg (25 stone) inc rider and luggage
Is ATTO easy to ride? Yes, very simple controls with electric braking as standard
Do I get training? Yes, you will receive full personal training on how to ride ATTO during a demonstration
Do you supply full training on delivery? Yes, this can arranged as an optional extra
Can I book a demonstration? Yes we can arrange demo for a small fee which is refundable on purchase
Can I get funding for ATTO? Possibly, see our funding page for ideas
How much does ATTO cost? £2495 (vat exemption applies if you have a disability)
Do you offer finance? This may be possible but can only be done in the presence of the customer
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ATTO drive mode

Driving Mode

ATTO trolley mode

Trolley Mode

ATTO split mode

Split Mode

Rider Requirements

ATTO has been tested carrying 160 kilograms which the maximum weight of a rider, say 100kg plus 60kg of luggage.

To operate the ATTO you will need use of both hands to fold and unfold the scooter. You should be able to transfer yourself onto the seat and remain in a seated upright position at all times without assistance whilst the vehicle is in motion. Operate all controls fully and as intended. Steer competently and appropriately in all conditions. Maintain appropriate awareness of all relevant circumstances for each journey and take appropriate action as may be required to avoid mishap. Lift it in whole or in part as may be required dependent upon user’s needs unless you have assistance.

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ATTO folding scooter on the coast
ATTO folding scooter in parts
ATTO folding scooter on the beach
ATTO folding scooter by the river
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Full Specifications

Weight – ATTO can be cleverly split into two manageable parts.
Front 26.4lb (12kg)
Rear 35.7lb (16.2kg)
Assembled 62.2lb (28.2kg)
Battery 4.1ib (1.85kg)
Trolley mode: L × W × H 15.3″ × 16.5″ × 28″ (39 × 42 × 72 cm)
Drive mode: L × W × H 47″ × 22″ × 35″ (120 × 56 × 90 cm)
Seat Height: The seat mechanism can be locked at one of three fixed heights, ranging from 560 to 610 mm (22 to 24 inches) from the ground.
Max User Weight: 220lb (100kg)
Speed: While most countries allow a maximum speed of 6-7 km/h (about 4 mph in the UK), Atto can go up to 10 km/h (about 6 mph) depending on local regulations.
Range: 10 miles (16 km)
Turning radius: 1.35 m (53”)
Custom brushless permanent magnet DC motor
Battery: 48V, 250 W/h, Lithium-ion
Charger: 110VAC – 240VAC, fully charged in 4 hours
Front Wheels: 6″ PU foam filled solid
Rear Wheels: 9″ PU foam filled solid

Three Years – Structural frame components, including: mobility scooter chassis, steering mechanism, seat mechanism, rear wheels extensions, welds on entire products.
Two Years – All electronic parts, including controllers and battery chargers. Servicing to the controller or battery charger must be carried out by an authorized Moving Life dealer. Any attempt to open or dismantle these items renders the guarantee void on that item.
One Year – Drivetrain, including: motor, front wheel fork and brake, battery

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The portable wheelchair lift saved our day when we realised we had wheelchair users coming to our presentation event. Phil and his partner organised a lift for us at very short notice. Great service!!

Amy Newbury Promoter London April 14, 2016

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